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Trying to rotate icon differently for each unique value in UniqueValueRenderer

Question asked by on Sep 18, 2018
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Hi, why does this code rotate every item's icon instead of each icon separately?  I cannot get the necessary information from documentation available.  I want each unique value to have a differently rotated symbol:


l = m.listLayers("xylayer")[0]

sym = l.symbology

symList = sym.renderer.symbol.listSymbolsFromGallery("ShipAIS")

current = None

for symbol in symList:
  current = symbol

sym.renderer.fields = ["Combined_True_Heading"]

for grp in sym.renderer.groups:
  for itm in grp.items:
    itm.symbol = current
    if(itm.values[0][0] != "<Null>"):
      itm.symbol.angle = 360 - float(itm.values[0][0])

l.symbology = sym