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ArcMap Multiple Attribute Data Exclusion Legend not displaying

Question asked by gymjs1 on Sep 18, 2018

I am using the Multiple Attributes Symbology option in ArcMap (10.6.1) to display data selected by three value fields. When I then use the Symbol Size option, classify by three equal intervals and in the Data Exclusion Properties choose to exclude zero values BUT show them in the Legend, I don't get what I expect:


1. In the Data Exclusion Properties->Legend, regardless of what symbol colour I select - it is ignored, so all the symbols map the same colour and you can't pick out which are zero (important to this study) and which have data above zero.


2. If I insert a Legend, the symbol for excluded data is not displayed either in the TOC or the Layout - despite this option being ticked in the Data Exclusion Properties.


3. During the classification, when I choose three equal intervals then set the Data Exclusion to exclude zeros, the legend ranges don't change first time, i.e., the first range still shows 0 - 3.08333 (zero should be excluded) but if you go back in the properties all the way to the Data Exclusion properties (maybe two - three times, always clicking Apply), eventually it ignores the zero and the first range correctly shows as  0.3 - 3.08333 - so already this feels like a "bug".


The maps I'm producing are laid out as eight data frames on a page, and the data I'm working with is ideal for Multiple Attributes symbology as I need to select features by three attributes and size the symbol by a fourth attribute and it has made life easier BUT we need to show zeros as a different colour.


As a test, if I do Quantities, Graduated Symbols with the dataset - the Data Exclusion symbol colour change works fine, but in this mode I can't select the features I need for each map as I need different combinations of three different attributes. In all I need 24 different maps so really want this function to work as so far it ha saved a lot of time and produces great maps.


I have attached a screenshot, quite big,  showing the Data Exclusion Legend symbol set to grey but on the map (Data Frame Name: 2,1,1) they are still green (all the smallest dots), and no extra Legend value appears in the TOC. My exclusion query is fine and works.


So, any clues anyone?




Mark Szegner

Geography, Loughborough University