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Question asked by bgalvezesri-cl-esridist Employee on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by bgalvezesri-cl-esridist

Hi Survey123 Team! 

I have a problem with LogIn in Survey 123 connect. Today, I tried login in survey123 and don't work the application. This not give error message, just don't start the wizard for LogIn.


The video reproducing this behavior is in this link: 2018-09-17_1925  


I tried reinstall "In clean" survey123 connect. I deleted all surveys allow in my laptop and reinstall, then I started survey in mode administrator, but all without success.


What can be happened? This is very important, since I have a technical track about of Survey123 in the next conference users of ESRI Chile. (03th Oct).


Note: I'm ussing the version 3.0.142


I hope your comments and thank you in advance.