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[Critical Regression]My scene layer is invisible after upgrading to v100.3

Question asked by peterchen2001 on Sep 17, 2018

Hi Experts,


Today after I upgrade arcgis runtime .net to v100.3, my scene layer is invisible when it was there when I was using v100.2.1,could anyone give me some idea on how to fix? Below is my code snippet to load my local slpk as an ArcGISSceneLayer:


Uri treespk = new System.Uri(slpkPath);
var sceneLayer = new ArcGISSceneLayer();
// add the scene layer to the scene
sceneLayer.Source = treespk;
sceneLayer.Loaded += SceneLayer_Loaded;
//await sceneLayer.LoadAsync();


By the way, the SceneLayer_Loaded is invoked so I am sure the sceneLayer is loaded without any error, just not visible.


I try to load the same local slpk via arcgis earth v1.6.1, it's visible on the earth.