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Questions about Robert Scheitlin's Identify Widget

Question asked by GeoAppGISCos on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by GeoAppGISCos

First let me say that I am totally new to the Esri Web AppBuilder world and widgets but I find it fascinating and I am looking forward to learning more. Please forgive me for any awkward phrasing or incorrect terminology.

Let me also say that I am very impressed with Robert Scheitlin and his awesome Widgets. I am especially very keen on his Identify Widget. I am hoping to be able to make a few modifications that will help make it a very useful tool for me.


I hope to use the widget by being able to select a point on the map and having the widget display all of the Administrative Polygons the point is contained in. The polygons are simple: State, County, Township, City, Village, etc.. And the widget does exactly that out of the box.


That said, here are a few questions which I hope some kind developer's could assist me with:


  1. I was hoping that I could control the order in which the Admin Polygons are displayed in the results. However, no matter what I attempt (using the Layer Name Up/Down arrows in the widget configuration or manually editing the order in the config_Identify.json file), the results seem to display in whatever order they want. Is this the way it is or am I overlooking something? I have attached an example showing the results and the Layer Names in the configuration.
  2. In addition to displaying the Admin Polygons in the Results tab, it would also be helpful (at least to me) to also display the actual Longitude-Latitude value as the first entry in the Results tab. Has anyone already done this? And which files (json, js, html, config) would changes need to be made in order to do this? I have attached an example of what I would like to see.
  3. It would also be very nice to be able to have a "Copy and Paste" button, link, etc. included on the Results tab which would copy the text Results as a comma or tab-delimited file so that they could be pasted in an Excel file, Notepad, or Email. Has anyone made that type of change to the Identify Widget?


I would really appreciate any help or any links which might help me understand what I am doing wrong (#1) or how I might be able to implement (#'s 2 and 3).