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Issues running the Generate GTFS Shapes with Network Analyst Tool

Question asked by Leah_Visakowitz on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by MMorang-esristaff

I have never been able to successfully run the "Generate GTFS shapes with Network Analyst" tool. Currently testing the tool out on a small transit agency, and using their GTFS located here:

I created a network based on the county's centerlines to run this with.


When run in ArcDesktop, I either get straight lines between stops generated with the error "Unable to create the on-street routes because the solve failed" or it generates the full route (instead of shapes between stops) without error.

When run in ArcPro, I got a partial completion with the error:

On-street route shapes for the following shape_ids could not be generated.  Straight-line route shapes will be generated for these shape_ids instead:

['1', '13', '16', '2']

If you are unhappy with this result, try re-running your analysis with a different u-turn policy and/or network restrictions, and check your network dataset for connectivity problems.

With this error, there are more than just the listed straight line segments generated.

Any help on getting this to run properly is appreciated!


I looked into U-turn policies and network connections and haven't been able to pin point issues with those.