Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.6.1 Patch 1

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Mapping and Charting Solutions 10.6.1 Patch 1

Published: 9/12/2018


This patch includes Esri Defense Mapping updates for the new JOG Data Product Specification (DPS) version 1.0.  Updates included: JOG for TDS map templates; Visual Specifications; style files; grid XMLs; Production PDF XML; and the addition of JOG for TDS to the Rapid Graphic GP tool.


Enhancements and Issues Addressed with this Patch


Esri Defense Mapping - Desktop and Server

  • Git391 : JOG Location Diagram - JOG_SHEETS_A labels are visible outside of the data frame.
  • Git429 : JOG Margin Updates for DPS Draft v.0.2.
  • Git468 : JOG Margin Symbol Updates.
  • Git602 : Hydro Centerline licensing issue.
  • Git611 : JOG Legend Updates.
  • Git615 : Rapid Graphic fails if AOI Feature Class is in SDE and LandPoly is not.
  • Git618 : Create Rapid Graphic causes python.exe to crash when exiting.
  • Git620 : Need to add a new anno classes to Annotation features classes.
  • Git621 : Update Geonames Layer file with the appropriate anno class names.
  • Git629 : TM Template Labeling Expression errors.
  • Git630 : TM VST Error for Grassland.
  • Git632 : GeoNames_FeaturesP feature class in Geonames schema is missing NT field.
  • Git633 : Add Symbol Level Settings for Roads in MTM templates.
  • Git645 : Add Water Tower Symbol (TM & MTM).
  • Git647 : Update JOG Meter Reference Guide element.
  • Git651 : JOGA DPS/TDS7 Production PDF setting updates.
  • Git652 : Update TM style for missing JOG symbols and add to VST.
  • Git659 : Review and update MTM label expressions.
  • Git660 : Update Rapid Graphic GP for new JOG product.
  • Git661 : JOG DPS TEM Edits - TM.style and JOGA Margin.
  • Git673 : Update alphabetical order in TM & MTM style files.
  • Git674 : Add new parameter to Create Labels to Annotation.
  • Git676 : Add new anno feature classes for data MTM and TM data frames.
  • Git698 : Fix error in BuildingOffsets.py.
  • Git709 : Storage Tank & Tower symbol for MTM and TM is missing white knockout.
  • Git712 : Label expression error for layer BuildA - Blue072 for all MTM templates.
  • Git713 : Missing Product class for TDS 7 product Library. 


Esri Production Mapping - Desktop and Server

  • Git486 : Unable to download data using WFS to Geodatabase.
  • Git497 : Production PDF: Annotation halo colors are getting replaced unnecessarily.
  • Git505 : Production PDF does not honor transparency for Character Marker Symbols.
  • Git534 : ArcMap Prune Hydro GP Tool - Not Respecting All Compare Features.
  • Git534 : Prune Hydro Not Respecting All Compare Features Issue.
  • Git544 : Load Data GP tool does not update fields with default values on load.
  • Git544 : Load Data using flat schema issue.
  • Git643 : Production PDF spot color replacement is failing with layers.
  • Git678 : Prune Hydro may crash when utilizing hierarchy field.