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Feature service in the ArcGIS Online public account

Question asked by deleted-user-Qwv0Lt2wZ0Zu on Sep 16, 2018
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I am trying to do some testing of the authentication provided by the ArcGIS Runtime for .NET in order to log into an existing ArcGIS Online account. Ideally, I would test this using an organizational account, but that account is not yet set up for me to access it through the network. So, I am trying to use my personal public account for the testing. 


With the public version of ArcGIS Online, is there a way to access the ArcGIS REST API, or is this only available within an organizational account. I noticed that in the public account, I can upload files, such as shapefiles, but there is no way to turn this into a feature service so that I can access the REST endpoint.


Thanks for any help!