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Customize my tabbed map series

Question asked by Joed1211 on Sep 14, 2018

I'd like to customize my tabbed map series story map. I'm hoping the "Custom CSS rules" spot in the index.html file from the already compiled code is sufficient, rather than the github route. 


I'm using to host it via dropbox. It's setup and displaying fine.


I wanted to make the tabs auto-size so they horizontally fill the header space. See attached for desktop view. I'd like those 5 tabs to go all the way across. I'm testing in my browser and just can't seem to find the correct ID or class.


Also, when I shrink my browser window size down I see a different mobile view. I like that look for phones, but unfortunately when testing on phones it doesn't appear that way. Any thoughts there?


Oddly, when I shrink my browser window I'm seeing that icon in the upper right to share the map via the short link, even though I have that disabled in controls. My desktop view shows a clickable link and sharing via facebook and twitter.


Also, and maybe this is a stretch without compiling the app myself, I'd like to have a pop-up when a user closes the story map, and the pop-up asks if they mind giving some feedback, then a hyperlink is there taking them to a google form. Pointing me to any code that does something similar would be appreciated.