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Using a view layer and Crowdsource Manager to answer hidden questions from a public survey with restricted editing privileges

Question asked by CReyes_HSAC on Sep 13, 2018

I'm attempting to create a public survey that allows me to keep all survey results private form the public; however, I would also like to add hidden questions to my survey and use Crowdsource Manager to finish the remaining questions. I know that when you create a public survey the feature layer associated with the survey must be public in order to make the survey available to non-AGOL users. According to this GeoNet post, you must configure the editing settings to control who can edit and download your survey data. Because of this, I'm unable to use Crowdsource Manager to finish the remaining questions I have hidden in my survey.


For my workaround, I created a view layer from my public survey feature layer and made the view layer editable. When I added my view layer into Crowdsource Manager, I was able to answer my hidden questions and saw the edits appear on my original survey (public) feature layer. From initial testing, it appears that everything works perfectly fine. And when I search for my layer in AGOL and look at the attribute table, the survey results are restricted.


Having said all of that, are there any potential downfalls to my workflow? Is it possible that my view layer might accidentally trigger my original layer to be editable (and allowing people to view and access my survey results) since I made my view layer editable?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.