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"Sharing 2D or 3D" data through ArcGis Pro.

Question asked by vamsikrishna.boppana on Sep 14, 2018

Can anyone help me regarding "Sharing 2D or 3D" data through ArcGis Pro.


We are using ArcGis pro 2.2 version. recently we used ArcMap and sharing the data into ArcGis server as Rest service(Map service). from there we shown the data to clients in Web portal and IOS app. But now a days we are using ARCGIS PRO to share and 2D and 3D data. We loaded the data in ArcGis pro and done all Editing. After that we share the data through ArcGis Pro (member or User license).we succeed sharing the data into members account.(public, Everyone, and member account). After sharing the data when we click the "Manage the web Map" at the bottom of the right corner it is asking user name and password. why?.

After entering the username and password data is showning in the content.

My question is how to show share data as Rest service to public or EveryOnce account.?

we have ArcGis Server and Portal. we linked server to portal also. Please give any suggestions.