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Survey123 - Problem when sending completed survey with iPhone

Question asked by j.biendaraconterra-de-esridist Employee on Sep 12, 2018
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We have set up a Survey123 survey for a customer which we, in a second step, switched to work against a geodatabase based feature service. With the Survey123 desktop application we can capture data and send it to the feature service (and to the geodatabase respectively) without any problems.


Now, the customer wants to use his iPhone to capture and send data, but that does not work (it worked when the feature service was originally hosted in the data store). Downloading to and updating the survey on the iPhone are working fine, but:



When signing in to the portal site with the iPhone the process/communication seems to be hanging. It takes very long till the signing in is finished. The effect is the same for administrator and level 2 users.



Sending data to the portal is not possible at all. No error code is stated in the error message.


The customer has de-installed and re-installed Survey123 on the iPhone to have the latest version. Portal is version 10.5.1. The problem is the same for the Portal admin user and for the level 2 users.


I’ve attached a log file from the iPhone but since I don’t know where to look and what to look for I am a bit lost. Does anyone have an idea or a hint what may be the problem?


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