The little things go a long way

Discussion created by JLenhardt-esristaff Employee on Sep 12, 2018
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Last week, a group of my female colleagues and I met with one of the few directors at our company that happens to be a woman. We wanted to pick her brain about what she has learned about being a woman in the GIS/tech world. The first thing we all did was introduce ourselves. Immediately after the introductions, the director gave us all some feedback:


"All of you mumbled when you said your names." 


She said that in order to be respected and taken seriously, she has learned a few little things go a long way:

  • dress professionally
  • always shake hands when you meet someone
  • always enunciate your name so that no one will forget it. 


These things go for men and women, of course, but they are perhaps are not taught directly to women. 

I agree wholeheartedly with her suggestions, and I have a few more I've picked up myself. Does anyone else have any other Little Things that go a long way towards gaining the respect and confidence of their colleagues?