Acknowledging and overcoming our implicit bias

Discussion created by Supriya_Khadke-esristaff Employee on Sep 12, 2018

Implicit bias is a subconscious attitude that can unknowingly affect our actions or decisions. It can also impact our work environment. Everyone wants to find the perfect work environment and work on a team that operates like an well-oiled machine. What if we challenged this idea and started to form teams with individuals that deliberately thought differently from one another?


But in order to get there we need to slowly overcome out implicit biases. Dr. Mahzarin Banaji describes implicit bias as a "thumbprint of culture on our brains" that has been slowly molding throughout our lives. It's literally, part of who we are. So how do we overcome implicit bias and begin to reshape that thumbprint?


Women encounter implicit bias when interviewing or trying to make advancements in their careers. We can work on our own implicit bias, but how do we deal with implicit bias of others?


Learn more about implicit bias:


Resources to overcome implicit bias:

  • Bias cleanse
    • A 7-day bias cleanse that will provide daily tasks to help change you implicit bias. Developed by MTV and Kirwin Institute.
  • Parable of the Polygons
    • An exercise on Based off the work of Thomas Schelling's paper Dynamic Models of Segregation.