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Dijit Popup's drop-down not visible

Question asked by uaig08 on Sep 13, 2018

My map doesnt cover full page and is in one of the blocks. I use measurement widget, the drop-down menu insdie widget is not visible when i go to fullscreen, because the div of drop-down is not in fullscreen element div. One of the answers I found was to give it z-index of max value 2147483647, because all elements inside fullscreen element get this z-index. I tried to change css and tried to listen for the drop-down toggle event, but it appears that the drop-down destructs itself everytime i do not focus on it and constructs new popup with new id and style attribute of z-index:1000; Also Popup div is constructed inside body but not in my div, but I can not fullscreen body because of other stuff on my website and i need to fullscreen only map insdie approprate div. Please help to solve.