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How to share a private Story Map with outside organizations who don't have ArcGIS Online?

Question asked by lmedsker_PHSonline on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by lmedsker_PHSonline

I created a Story Map in my ArcGIS Online Org account, and I'd like to share this with partners outside of my organization (about 15) but some of the data is private/sensitive so I can't make it public.  If I set up a license for all of the partners to gain access to the Story Map through our Organization, they would then have access to all of our Org data which I do not want.  If I create a public account and then create a group within my Organization, I cannot send an invitation to a public account to be a member of this group.  Help!  I've created a wonderful Story Map but collaboration using it doesn't seem possible.  Any suggestions would be helpful, thank you! Lauren