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return link related tables

Question asked by dsivertsen on Sep 11, 2018
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Webmap has a feature class with related tables. Feature class and tables are renamed to avoid a long Database.DBO.FeatureClassName style label that doesn't display well. Feature class popup correctly shows link to renamed related table. When clicked, this opens a popup with a display of records in the related table. At the top is a return link, which should show the renamed feature class name. Instead it shows a long Database.DBO.FeatureClassName.

Is it possible to make it show the renamed feature class?

Attached images:

TopLevel.jpg - shows FeatureClass popup, with links to related tables

Related.JPG - result of selecting link to related Inspections table. Note the title of return link (left arrow) does not use the renamed feature class name of "Plants", but instead uses the original FeatureClass name of Database.DBO.FeatureClassName, which is truncated as it doesn't fit.