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Maximum number of subtypes before performance degrades?

Question asked by knapp on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by knapp

Hi there - 


We're looking at a couple of options for the schema design of some city sign data. We have roughly 80,000 street signs in our dataset. In some ways, it would be nice to have a subtype for each sign type that we have (then we could set default values for each sign type, although the downside is that we have over 900 unique sign types... so we'd need that many subtypes. Adding these subtypes via Python takes a few hours, and the feature class responsiveness seems to decline as our number of subtypes increases. 


I looked, but wasn't able to find any specific guidelines for the maximum effective number of subtypes that can be used. Do any of you know of one? Or just have advice based on your own experiences.