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Iterate Based on Unique Feature Name

Question asked by dmarkey on Sep 11, 2018
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Shown below is a subset of my data. How do I iterate through based on the mooring ID? What I want to happen is do something for mooring ID AA003 then skip to mooring ID AA005 and do the process again. I am aware of search cursors but this processes each row. In this example I want the process to run twice, not each time for the 11 records.


What I am ultimately wanting to do is nest my process within what I am trying to do above. That is, grab the first of the series of mooring IDs, run the nested process, then move on to the first of the next series of mooring IDs and run the nested process again.


I have tried to create a separate list without success. I have tried to use arcpy Statistical analysis but this resulted in a table with a single record detailing the number of occurrences of the mooring ID (in this case AA003). Is there a way of creating a summary table of mooring_Id.First? This would give me a list of unique mooring ID's (in this case; AA003, AA005). Though this may be one way of doing it I would prefer just to run the process for the first of each mooring IDs.