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When using edit tools in a web application, domain codes are shown not description in the feature service

Question asked by Liina_Tamm@tartulv.ee_Tartu on Sep 10, 2018
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I made a feature service (with editing capabilities) where I used one field to symbolize the layer. The field, which I used to to symbolize, is a short integer type and it has a domain. The domain type is coded values and the field type is short integer. The feature service was set up in ArcGIS Server and it was published to Portal. I then made a web map with the same symbolization and used that web map for the application. When I added Smart Editor or Edit widget in the application, I can only see domain codes, not the descripitons (added a picture of the situation).  When I publish a feature service using the same symbol and change the symbolization in the web map, the widgets show the description of the domains, but the symbolization is without categories (so it's the same as I published the service). The possible solution could be to use text data type instead of short integer, but it's not a good and a preferred one. Are there any possible solutions to use a short integer type domain and see domain descriptions in a web application?