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Spike Integration help

Question asked by rwmeier on Sep 10, 2018
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I just got my Spike device, created a feature service, created a form from it and configured the form for use with Spike. I had no problem getting a Distance measure using the spike question type.


But, I have been unsuccessful measuring areas with the spike-full-measure question type.


I tried using the sample survey form, let it create a service and then tried to measure areas, still no success.


I am not getting any errors, no measurements are populated in the Survey 123 form.


Is this a hardware/software/version issue?

Survey 123 v 3.0.134

Spike v. 1.7.7(1004)

Android v 6.0.1

Tablet: ASUS Model P00l


Also, I noticed the sample survey form has some calculations using this syntax in the json pulldata - 



and some using this syntax



Do both of these work?


Also in the blog post - Using Spike® with Survey123 for ArcGIS 


The table describing standard tags populated by Spike has ImageDescription as imageDescription.


Sorry to throw all this out there.