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Trouble with draw feature set simbology in 1.5

Question asked by cmartinez_geek on Sep 7, 2018

Good Morning
I have a problem with the draw function of the webmap widget to add a feature set with custom symbology. I use version 1.5.
The error is as follows:

```[esri.core.Accessor] Accessor # set Invalid property value, value needs to be one of 'esri.symbols.SimpleFillSymbol', 'esri.symbols.PictureFillSymbol', 'esri.symbols.PictureMarkerSymbol', 'esri.symbols.SimpleLineSymbol ',' esri.symbols.SimpleMarkerSymbol ',' esri.symbols.TextSymbol ',' esri.symbols.LabelSymbol3D ',' esri.symbols.LineSymbol3D ',' esri.symbols.MeshSymbol3D ',' esri.symbols.PointSymbol3D ', 'esri.symbols.PolygonSymbol3D', 'esri.symbols.WebStyleSymbol', or a plain object that can autocast (having .type = 'simple-fill', 'picture-fill', 'picture-marker', 'simple-line ',' simple-marker ',' text ',' label-3d ',' line-3d ',' mesh-3d ',' point-3d ',' polygon-3d ',' web-style ')```

How can i fix it?