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"Can't connect securely to this page" - ArcGIS Portal

Question asked by aldwingregorio12 on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by randall_williams-esristaff

I tried reinstalling my ArcGIS Portal 10.6, however, after the installation and software authorization I was redirected to the expected URL (https://domain:7443/arcgis/home) with a warning saying "Can't connect securely to this page". I am using Edge browser and upon checking also in the other browsers, it's the same. I can't open my Portal. 


I've checked the ../arcgis site in my IIS and 443 is open. I installed webadaptor beforehand to configure my ArcGIS REST Directory and it worked successfully. I was able to access my REST using https protocol. 

Since I had a Portal before, I just allow the replacement of the old setup files related to the installation instead of skipping it. I also tried installing and reinstalling for the third time but no luck.


Hopefully someone can help me for this. Thank you!