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Control percentage of big lots and small lots in a Dynamic block subdivision operation

Question asked by Abele_Giandoso on Sep 8, 2018
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When I'm subdividing blocks Dynamically from a street network..

Is there a way to specify a portion of lots whose area will be kept larger,so that I can assign larger buildings rules to them, like parks, churches etc?

I'm doing a fantasy city, there is no real world data involved.

For instance, to tell CE to keep 10% of lots bigger than 100 square meters and with a side bigger than 8 meters,

keep 5% of lots bigger than 70 square meters and smaller than 100 sq m and with a side bigger than 6 meters and smaller than 9

and the rest bigger than 35 sq meters and smaller than 77 sq m and witha side bigger than 3 meters and smaller than 6?


All of this, and this is important, keeping it dynamic, so that the streetwidth attribute is kept in each lot and the lot remember if tgth are inner, outer and street facing. 


I tried using CGA to subdivide the lots and it does the job, BUT the lots forget if they are inner or outer or corner and they loose the streetwidth attribute, which is fundamental. 

I'd be happy to subdivide in cga if there was a way to keep these information in the final lots.

I don't know anything about python,but maybe there is a way? 


Wouldn't it be a nice feature to add for a future release?


Any help on this would be a huge help