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Offline ArcGISScene?

Question asked by rguru on Sep 7, 2018



I am developing an Android app for 3D map display using ArcGIS runtime 100.3 sdk for Android. But i can't connect to internet. I am trying to use downloaded tiff/dem files as base map. But it is not showing in 3D.  This is my code.


scene = new ArcGISScene();

String path = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().getPath()+"/map.tif";
Raster myRaster = new Raster(path);
RasterLayer newRasterLayer = new RasterLayer(myRaster);
Basemap basemap = new Basemap(newRasterLayer);

mSceneView = (SceneView) findViewById(;


I tried to add as operational layer also. But didn't work. I searched online but didn't get the way to use map offline.


How can i display 3D map using ArcGIS scene without internet? Is it possible to use locally downloaded map files?

If possible what kind of format should i use? Kindly provide sample code.