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How to set NearMe widget window to a full screen

Question asked by ColaCityGIS on Sep 7, 2018

I am using a developer edition of web appbuilder to build a information viewer (government service) only using a NearMe Widget.  This application will be mainly used by small screen smart phones.  I set this widget to open when it starts.  When this widget or any other widgets  open on a smart phone, a max button icon appears so that the widget window can be fully expanded for easier use.  When it opens first, the widget only opens on a half of the screen on a phone.  See the attached. Left image is when it opens.  The right image is right after max button is clicked.  I would like to set this nearMe widget to open as a full screen on a phone when it starts.  We can't assume the public will know to click on a max button when they use this application.

 Is there anyway that I can set the max-button to true when the nearMe widget starts?  I only need to control this NearMe widget for a specific web application.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.