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Data location troubles with 'The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data' book

Question asked by Secondchantz on Sep 6, 2018

I am working on some GIS projects for school out of "The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data' and on chapter 2 exercise it provides this link Esri Data | Current Year Demographic & Business Data | Estimates & Projections to download census data for Orange county California. Is the data gone or in a different location because I cannot find it .  Above is a picture from the exercise detailing how to acquire the data


Also In chapter 3 the book wants data from but that site does not seem to exist anymore, is there another url the site is under, and if not is there any way to acquire the data that site used to have 


This is the screenshot of how to acquire the data from GISDepot 


any help on how or where to acquire this data would be greatly appreciated