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Create Layer from that selection reverts back to original :(

Question asked by thwalaps on Sep 7, 2018

I am currently and irritatingly going through this pain as perfectly and previously described


"...having trouble with selections staying as such after creating a layer.  When we create a selection and then go Create Layer from that selection, all is well.  If you then open the attribute table of the selection, you get just those records.  However, if we go into Properties of the selection, change the color, or even just rename it in the General tab, SOMETIMES, the selection reverts to the entire table it was selected from.  Every feature in the selected-from table appears in the Selection attribute table and every feature appears as the same color that you turned the selection to.  Today, the selected file remained ok until I went into the layout view and panned.  Then it reverted.  Also happens if you change the order of layers in the TOC.  This is VERY annoying when you have selected a bunch of features, made the layer and then your selection is gone for no apparent reason.  You have to remove the layer, and start the section process all over again. It happens with features in SDE and in various mxd's, including newly created ones.   There is no rhyme or reason, and is very annoying".


Please help me fix this, I have decided to do some work due on Friday (today) and when I thought I was halfway, everything reverted to original shape-file exhausted and crying now...!Help! This is not the first time I am experiencing this...