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Survey123 - Surveys not publishing updates to server using Archived non-federated service through AGOL

Question asked by leaht on Sep 5, 2018
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We have a non-federated feature service published through AGOL to use in ArcGIS survey123, the surveys are updated in the inbox and are edited in the field via survey123; once edited they are sent (successfully it seems from Survey123; ie: do not get stuck in the "Outbox", but are in the "Sent" box) however the database is not updated to reflect the updates.


Our layer is setup in a feature service with Archiving on, we used to have our data versioned, but with the last update to Survey123 had to move away from it.  Now, for the first time, our archived data seems to not be sending the updates to the server from the field workers.  


HELP!  We have potentially lost a week or two of work.