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Setting for Survey123 integrated with Workforce

Question asked by mingzhang on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by mingzhang

      To collect more information about the assignment, I set up a Survey project and integrated it with Workforce so that some information (GlobalID, ID, Location) can be passed to the form. 

       For the Survey, I use a standing along table in an existing feature service. The feature service has many other tables and feature layers. Only one table is used to store the survey data. In the survey design, I put the url of the service for the "Submission_url" and the name of the table for the ""form_id".. 

       The survey itself works fine. However, when I try to integrate it with Workforce, The fields in the drop down list show the fields of the "first feature layer in the feature service" instead of the the fields in the table used for the survey.


       Of cause I can publish a feature service with a desired layer on the top and use that feature layer (not the table) for the survey. But, is this a design for some reasons? Or, it could be changed to use the match layer/table for the survey? Or, did I do something wrong?