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Can Map Text Be Updated with a Selection Task?

Question asked by simpsonEO on Sep 4, 2018

I have an ArcPro (2.2.1) project that pulls in an  point layer that has attributes values that are displayed on the finished maps.  For example, the incident name from the selected point forms part of the map's title.  Right now, the project user has to enter all these attribute values manually.  Here's a screenshot of the map text in question with the attribute values highlighted:


I created a task that prompts the project user to select an incident point and then stores the values from the selected record as string variables (yes, there are numbers, but they're text on a printed map, so I'm using strings):




And this is where I'm stuck. How can I use these string variables to make the map text dynamic?  The goal is to simplify the workflow so most of the map text will be filled by just running a task instead of having to manually open a feature table, search, then copy and paste values.  I've been searching ESRI but have yet to find a post on how to do this.