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AGO Identity and OAuth

Question asked by rutkowskima on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by WHoyle-esristaff

I am creating an application that leverages absolutely NO ArcGIS functionality, with the exception of the ArcGIS Identity for ArcGIS Online or Portal. The objective is to leverage AGO or Portal (it will be one or the other, not both) logins rather then requiring another separate login mechanism a variety of applications we are developing (some just mapping apps, others are just tabular data-centric). Regardless, I only want users of a specific group to access this application. How can I restrict ALL users except for users in the group from accessing the application?

When I create an app in AGO, I can't seem to restrict it for users within a specific group. Once authenticated, I am able to see if that user is a member of different groups. I'd rather all other users were not authenticated. Is this possible through AGO and OAuth?