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Geo-Referencing an Image

Question asked by goodjboy on Sep 5, 2018
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I have been tasked to create web software (javascript/HTML) that will display a picture (like a jpeg file) with 3 points georeferenced (top left, top right and bottom left corners of the image will have their GIS coordinates specified).


I need two be able to do two things to start with this project.  


1.  Click on the image and display the GIS of that point on the image.


2.  Enter a GIS coordinate (latitude and longitude) and translate that to a location on the image.


After the two above steps are complete, we have a whole bunch of things we are going to be doing but I need the two steps above first.


Is there a great code example using ArcGIS that shows how to do GEOReferencing with an image that will enable me to do the two steps above?