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Error 999999 when using Sample tool in Spatial Analyst

Question asked by eetupelle on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

I have a polygon shapefile which have several circles (some overlap) in Africa representing areas of interest. My purpose is to use this shapefile to cut several rasters to obtain covariate data to do statistical analysis.


One of the raster files has a spatial resolution of 1 arc-second per pixel (raster A). For each of those pixels, I want to obtain a corresponding value from the other raster files (rasters B-E). The other raster files have different spatial resolutions, mostly three arc-seconds.


I believe the Sample tool under Spatial Analyst can do this. I combined the raster A from several smaller rasters. When I tried to use the Sample tool to obtain individual pixel values from this Raster A using the polygon, I received several errors:

- "Error 999999: Error executing function",

- "The table already exists",

- "The field is not nullable",

- "Transformation is unavailable for the current image".

How can these be corrected? Is it a problem that I combined smaller rasters into a larger raster A covering the whole of Africa using "Image Analysis"?