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Question asked by sgtbishop2113 on Aug 31, 2018
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So ... I have been using Esri GIS every since 1985. But I have used numerous of GIS Software over  the years for Federal, State and Local Governments. I also use GIS in ways that most do not. When GIS came out there was no Certification or training on it. But If you like something you will pursue it.  GIS has been a great tool. I have created huge Moving Databases with it. The military is the biggest. US Census is the second biggest. Local and state are the next. After more than 30 years in this profession I have seen where GIS will go and possibilities are as limitless as the person how uses it. I have created some great tools and thousands of Maps as well as thousands of studies for various causes and reasons.  Gis has been used to save numerous lives in event of Disaster. Solved Radio Frequency Problems with FCC. Track global Combat, Humanitarian  missions for the US military. Provide Economic Prosperity for local governments and address Global Problems. 


As a GIS wizard or today's Title would be  GIS Techie it has been the tool I use to Address issues, innovation, and save lives or track how well a city is doing.


So how do this fit into certification? I also tech people how to use GIS...


ESRI is a great product and the future looks bright for developers who are willing to use it. For me it is a great tool....