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Mouse-Drag will initiate without clicking first on the map

Question asked by DCSD_gmarrero on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by DCSD_gmarrero

I have several buttons that select graphics and re-symbolizes the graphics depending on what button the user presses. The way the graphics are selected is by using a mouse-drag on the graphics layer. When pressing on the 1st button, it waits until I press down on the map before it starts the drag. I have another function that listens for a mouse-up to stop the drag. The problem is when I select the other buttons, the drag starts immediately. I need the drag to start when I press down on the map. Is this a normal functionality of the mouse-drag? As a side note, once the mouse-up function activates and I pan around the map, the buttons work as they should (the drag waits for the button click). How can I get the mouse-drag to listen for a mouse-click before immediately firing? 


I tried putting a mouse-down before the mouse-drag but the functionality of the map gave me issues. I used stopPropagation() as detailed in over forums. 


Using Javascript API 3.23