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Map that won't to export in any format

Question asked by keithaddison on Aug 30, 2018

I have a map, ArcDesktop 10.3.1, that won't export in any format. (including emf)  I've tried them all and it hangs forever (waited 12+ hours on one) or crashes out on all of them.  The file itself is small, a 6 meg mxd.  I've tried running export commands from the Python window, is which case it sometimes crashes out with the generic stopped working message, although once time it also spat out this when exporting to png:



I've tried messing around with the AdvancedArcMapSettings.exe for the temporary metafile size limit (going both larger & smaller) to no effect.  Also maybe of interest there are no rasters in this layout.  I have also gotten when exporting to jpeg this error:



Two days ago export to pdf was working fine with this exact same layout & mxd.


Any ideas?