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Replacing Date in filename.

Question asked by JCanno on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by rvburton

I may be posting this in the wrong place, I am very new to python so bear with me. I am using Field Calculator in ArcGIS Pro.  I have a series of features in an attribute table that are named YYYYMMDD_Project_Name_ Number. An example would be "19810820_Pioneer_20". with each feature having a different date at the beginning and a different number at the end. I can change the project name while preserving the date and number using .replace(). But, I need to change the dates to the same date at the beginning (for each feature) and change the project name to be the same without changing the number at the end. I have gathered at this point wildcards do not work. I think I am looking for something like .replace() that can replace any YYYYMMDD and X project name with new YYYYMMDD and X project name. Any suggestions would be a huge help, really trying to avoid doing this manually for 100's of features.