A diagram illustrating GIS Industries

Discussion created by PauloHaddad on Aug 30, 2018
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Hello friends.

We hear all the time that GIS has a broad spectrum of applications... I was wondering: has anyone ever encountered a diagram illustrating the applications of GIS over different sectors? I’ve tried to found some diagram like that, to no avail. The closest thing I came by was the classification of industry sectors by Esri.


Since I could not find a diagram like that, I tried to create one on my own. To do so, I have created a network of GIS industries using the Esri scheme. I’ve extracted the links from Esri's site map, and with the use of igraph and data.tree R packages (used to analyze network patterns), I was able to produce a “tree network” of GIS application fields:


Diagram showing GIS industries


I thought about sharing the diagram with the community because:

  1. Someone may want to give feedback (which is most welcome);
  2. Someone might find the diagram useful or interesting as it stands;
  3. I thought that maybe someone could point me to something similar that has already been done before?