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Hatch symbology carried from Pro into service published and viewed in AGOL

Question asked by on Aug 30, 2018

I am using hatch symbology in some polygon layers in a map project in ArcGIS Pro.  I published the feature layers as a Web layer from Pro to AGOL, as it is my understanding one cannot publish to ArcGIS for Server from Pro without having ArcGIS for Enterprise (Portal).  The hatch from one layer carries over to AGOL.  The hatch for the other layer is replaced with a solid fill, same color.  See screenshots attached.  I have read various posts in GeoNet and StackExchange (and upvoted one of the ideas on this topic in GeoNet) .  It appears I am stuck as there is no support for hatch symbology (unless one publishes to Server).  I am curious as to why one layer came over with hatch and the other did not.  I don't recall doing anything different when generating the two layers.  I have a project to finish so I am pressing on with other symbology.