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Geoserver and WMS Tiled

Question asked by zalovich89 on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by chazwrob

I have a program that connects with geoserver through a getcapabilities request with arcgis sdk:


  WmsLayer myWmtsService = new WmsLayer(new Uri("http://localhost:8070/geoserver/World/wms?SERVICE=WMS&tiled=true&REQUEST=getcapabilities&VERSION=1.1.1 "));


the problem is that when I add it to de mapview, it behaves itself as singletile and I would like arcgis to ask layers tiling. An example: if height and width of the mapview is 1000x1000, now arcgis makes a getmap request with height and width 1000x1000, but I'd like it to make several getmap requests with hegith and width 250x250.


How can I make the arcgis code to configure it to work this way?