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Problem publishing to hosting server Portal 10.6.1

Question asked by wli9gsu on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by joyoung_kerrvilletx

I tried to publish a simple small shapefile to the hosting server from Portal. I am using "Add from My Computer"


I received the error 999999, Error executing tool. Publish Portal Service Job ID:j1a2b......, Error executing function, Bad syntax in request (status code 400). Failed to execute (Publish Portal Service). The source of the error is: System/Publishing Tool. GPServer.


I am able to user arcmap and publish service to the hosting server as feature layer. Therefore, the hosting server and the datastore appears function properly.


I really don't know where to look for the solution. Wonder any one had similar problem for the Portal 10.6.1.