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Fast way to get surface height at point in SceneView

Question asked by e.klukovich on Aug 28, 2018

First off, we using the Android Runtime SDK version 100.3.


We have a series of graphics in our scene and have the graphics overlay to render them relative to the ground. When trying to get get the screen position of the graphic, we use: locationToScreen(), but the result is not correct, as the height of the surface is not taken into account. The function: getElevationAsync() in the base surface class allows for use to get the height of the surface, but it can be slow to fetch the data. If we add the elevation to the graphic's z value, then we get the correct screen position.


So my question: Is there a way to quickly calculate or locally get the elevation of the surface? The graphics are drawn above the surface, so the data must exist locally with in the map. Or is there a way to get the Lat/Long to Screen conversion process to automatically factor in the surface height?