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Slope Issues

Question asked by kristenturi_airdrie on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

This question has been asked before but I am running into an issue that I could not resolve by looking at previous forms.


I have a DEM that I am attempting to derive the slope from. My coordinate system is a local one, 3TM in this case, and the vertical coordinate system is NAD 1983 (CSRS) [as per the metadata for this layer]. I have attempted to apply a z factor of 0.00001395 and this results in very, very small slope values (0.000056108 at the smallest). While I know the area in question is pretty flat, I know there are areas in the DEM that have a 5% percent slope which I did not get (my highest value was 0.01430756).



I did also attempt to run the tool without a z factor, and this resulted in massive slope values (which lead me to apply a z-factor). 


It is highly likely I am missing something very basic so I am open to suggestions.