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symbols not showing when using a with proxy and token

Question asked by on Aug 29, 2018

I have a web map node js application with a custom proxy and using esri  url to generatetoken the application is calling a mapservice the layers load fine but I'm not able to get the symbols to load. I can see the legend with symbols on the rest api, however not through the application when it loads. When I call the similar service without the proxy I can see the symbols in the legend and the symbols load fine


I'm using Arcgis 10.6 and esri js 3.14

here is the code snippet on the widget/ control html


<div ng-show="mode=='Legend'" class="scrollableContent">
<div ng-repeat="l in loadedLayerList | filter: {available:'!' + 'false'} | filter: {visible:'!' + 'false'}">
<li ng-repeat="leg in l.layerLegend.legend"><img class="inlineBlockMiddle" ng-> <span class="inlineBlockMiddle">{{leg.label}}</span></li>


the code in chrome  when doing F12

without the proxy


<li ng-repeat="leg in l.layerLegend.legend" class="ng-scope"><!-- ngRepeat: leg in l.layerLegend.legend --><img class="inlineBlockMiddle" ng- > <span class="inlineBlockMiddle ng-binding">&lt;Null&gt;</span></li>


when using the proxy html shows with li tag that should have symbols


<!-- ngRepeat: leg in l.layerLegend.legend -->

as you can see no li tag gets generated to display the symbol


Anyone please have any suggestions, or has encounter similar problem???


Thank you in advance if someone is able to direct me to a solution