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Different lat and long for same address

Question asked by Adaagu on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2018 by jborgion

I Geocoded a list of address (Mostly intersections) for bus routing and the same address was geocoded by a different company. The lat and long values that I get is different from the one from the company. I calculated the difference in excel as shown below. Some seem too big. My question is how much is too big? (Calculation in metres). Looking at the table and map it seems not too far off but when I measure the distances in a straight line it seems much as shown in the table. I used projected coordinate system. I am trying to decide which of the coordinates(Lat/long) is the more precise and accurate so the bus will not miss a student. Is it okay to get varying lat and long for same address? Please can anyone help? Any help with geocoding intersections will be appreciated. I checked the match with no house number to Yes.

Thank you