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Publishing 3D KML content to a web scene in ArcGIS Portal?

Question asked by eric.eagle on Aug 28, 2018

I have a lot of geopositioned 3D content in KML.  This is stuff created in SketchUp.


I would like to publish this content as local scenes via my Portal.  However, ArcGIS Pro (2.2) says "Layer's data source is not supported." (24078 error)


Sigh.  Fair enough, but what is the conversion workflow?  Obviously I am not going to burn thousands of manhours recreating high-precision 3D content in ArcGIS Pro from scratch.


I am not married to the KML format, but SketchUp will invariably be used to create the models.  So at a minimum, I will need to be able to import a .dae (collada) model even if I have to texture it in ArcGIS Pro.