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How To Optimize Cluster Layer Breaks to SVG/ Marker or to DOM

Question asked by BEHSEINI on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by rscheitlin

Can you please take a look at this Sandbox and let me know how I can create custom SVG /Marker or CSS supported markers instead of using theses default break rendere for cluster layer?


 var picBaseUrl = "";

var blue = new PictureMarkerSymbol(picBaseUrl + "BluePin1LargeB.png", 32, 32).setOffset(0, 15);
var green = new PictureMarkerSymbol(picBaseUrl + "GreenPin1LargeB.png", 64, 64).setOffset(0, 15);
var red = new PictureMarkerSymbol(picBaseUrl + "RedPin1LargeB.png", 72, 72).setOffset(0, 15);

renderer.addBreak(0, 2, blue);
renderer.addBreak(2, 200, green);
renderer.addBreak(200, 1001, red);



As you can see API is using `PictureMarkerSymbol` marker for this but I am hoping to have a better presentation for this.