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Survey123 Web...Rules Question...

Question asked by MSeybert-esristaff Employee on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by JHasthorpe-esristaff

Hello GeoNet!


I am currently working in Survey123 for ArcGIS and I am building out a web form which I have set cascading rules to within a group.


Currently when I go in to preview mode and I select the first selection the cascaded survey questions follow as appropriate.  However, if I then go back to the original question and change it say from Building 1 to Building 2 the cascade of questions follow for Building 2, but I can still see some of the questions from my previous selection of Building 1. 


Does anyone have a work around or a setting to help with this?  I can't figure it out.


Thanks in advance!