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AGSMapView identifyLayer selection technique

Question asked by Pimplebutt on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Pimplebutt

My environment is the following...

ArcGIS for iOS 100.2,

MacBook Pro, OS X High Sierra,

Simulator set to iOS 11.2 and iPad Air 2


My spatial reference on baselayer and operational layer is set to WKID: 2926


I am capturing the map's geoView didTapAtScreenPoint in order to tell me where the user tapped on a polygon feature layer.


Interestingly and unexpectedly I have discovered that the tap isn't looking to see if your finger was WITHIN a polygon, but rather it looks for the nearest line or lines of polygon(s) and uses that to determine which polygon(s) to select.  


Is there a setting where I can tell the identify process to identify the polygon that the tap occurred within the boundary of, rather that what it's doing and selecting polygon(s) based on the lines of the polygon?



Note here below a sample of my polygons, with several selected with a cyan outline color.



Thanks for any help on this.